We are a small team and growing fast.We like to work independently as well as in small groups to avoid group-think and cover all our blind spots when we brainstorm.Come and stand for Alpha Wave Technology job vacancy and think about you! If you are the one who is lacking in our team, we will provide you with a convenient work place and get all the necessary equipment for work. And , of course, for the day to go with pleasure and full return - the kitchen has hot drinks, warm dishes and fruits every day. Each team member is specialized, but we all work on a variety of things - together.Have a great idea? Test it with us!

  • avionics
  • mission management & space operations
  • non-distrutive evaluation
  • corporate operations
  • propulsion
  • information Technology & security
  • software development
  • launch
  • supply chain management
  • manufacturing & production
  • test operations
  • materials engineering
  • vehicle engineering